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Another chance

for medicine in Germany


American chiropractic medicine is a 

natural path

to good health.

93 per cent of patients with spinal problems

are satisfied with chiropractic treatment.

The Philosophy of Chiropractic Medicine

"The power that created the body also heals it."
BJ Palmer DC

Instead of fighting the body's natural self-healing powers, Chiropractic medicine utilises them to restore physiological balance:

each individual's unique body is understood and respected. The balanced interdependence between the central nervous system, the physical structure, the mental and emotional state of a person is crucial for good health and happiness. 


Chiropractic medicine does not use medication, syringes or surgery.

It is a "natural path" to health.

Chiropractic prevention


is like brushing your teeth


Trust + intimacy = responsibility


This equation best expresses our relationship with our clients that begins at the initial examination.

When someone consults us with pain from a certain area, we analyse it and do our best to get treat it successfully.

Everything could stop there. With us, it doesn't.
The chiropractic process fosters a natural connection where we are made responsible for the patient. This is an instinctive and deep-seated feeling that motivates us to not only restore the health of our pateints as soon as possible, but also curtail potential health risks for the future. 

How? Very easily.

"Because we have information that allows us to understand what can happen in 5, 10 or 15 years if a particular problem is not addressed."

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