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The Benefits of Insoles

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Take your feet seriously.


From birth to death, our feet grow along with our whole body. They hold great responsibility. A person with a weight of 60 kg have feet that weigh approximately 3 kg. This means that the feet support up to 20 times their weight for up to 650,000 hours in total! Our feet help us move, run, dance, jump... When walking, the big toe simultaneously carries 2/5 of the body weight and propels the body forward. If the big toe can't do its job, the weight of the load is transferred to the other toes. This threatens the body's balance. 

Both of our feet are composed of 52 bones, a quarter of the 206 bones in our skeleton, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 20 muscles. Between the ages of 9 months and three years, a child falls and stands up between 2,500 and 3,000 times.


A food works similarly to a soccer team. On the soccer team, when a player is tired, the entire team must make up for it by putting in extra effort. Similarly, when a foot is not working properly, the body makes up for it by limping. This may drastically alter your posture.
The phenomenon of flat feet affects about 80% of people over the age of 45. This phenomenon, if left untreated, may result in knee or hip replacements.


A minor injury today can turn into tragedy a few years later.

Pain or structural weaknesses in one foot due to incorrect movement, shock or chronic fatigue causes not only the other foot to compensate, but also affects the knee and potentially the hip if necessary. This chain reaction results in wasted potential for some structures and overwhelming responsibility for others.
There are numerous pathologies of the foot. They are worsened by wearing high heels that are too tall and shoes that are too tight for the toes.


Feet last for life

How can you intelligently prevent injury?
1. Don't wait for an examination.
2. A problem with the foot is not always expressed through pain, but

may be noticed by problems with the knees, hips, pelvis or spine. 
3. Observe the wear and tear of your shoes.
4. Wear Pianta Chiropractic Insoles

Why Should You Wear Pianta Chiropractic Insoles?


Our support is conceptually and qualitatively unique:
- Concept: The vast majority of arch supports aims for static correction of the foot. Our concept prefers a dynamic  solution that shifts the foot into the right position when walking. Our insoles are flexible rather than hard so that they can adapt to any situation.

- The shape of the insole does not force but guides the foot into a neutral position that considers its shape, weight, the elasticity of the foot's muscles and the walking pace. 


- Quality: Our handcrafted insoles last for a lifetime. The exterior is made from high quality durable leather. For optimal use, they should be protected from water and excessive humidity. 

- The bottom of the insoles is made of Noéne, the world's strongest shock absorber. It softens the microtraumas that reverberate from the heel to the skull with every step by 96%. This protects the joints in the feet, knees, hips, pelvis, and spine and the base of the skull.

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Price: 140 € - Contact us today and get your pair

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