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Our Body, Through the Eyes of the Chiropractor

The Chiropractic and the Headache

The Intelligence of the Muscles

The Chiropractic and the Child

24 vertebrae. 126 diseases

The Tide of the Joints

Everyone Hurts Syndrome

The Four Spinal Pains

The Right Sport

Chiropractic for Animals



"In order to be able to hope to survive in a standardized world, everyone has to try to become even better, to do their best and to find in themselves that which makes up the wealth of their uniqueness."


Jean-Paul Pianta

Politics of the Body


This book is about intelligence, the innate intelligence that makes every individual life possible.

Our society today is desperate for the intelligence that will enable the world and our children to survive. Chiropractic is dedicated to this enormous task. It has the decisive approach of respecting all life principles and leads us to humanism.

It is time to show the highest esteem for all forms of life in nature, animals and humans.

Price: 7 €

Price: 10 €

Price: 10 €

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A Comprehensive Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul


Modern chiropractic has nothing to do with painful joint dislocations, it also not only cures back and joint problems.

Rather, it is a holistic therapy,

within which digestive problems, headaches, jaw pain, gynecological problems and much more can be successfully treated and cured.


"Pianta, a brilliant unconventional thinker, without trouble or confusion, links facts, theories and new philosophies to the fascinating functioning of the human body and its development."


Prof. Dr. Klippel, President of the German Society for Oncology.




Undisputed back expert Jean-Paul Pianta familiarizes us with a method that is based on a new understanding of the body; it surpasses popular therapies that prefer manipulation and anti-inflammatory agents. Instead of only fighting the symptoms, ie the pain, he looks at the cause.

There is no secret recipe in this book that teaches you to swim in two minutes without getting up from your sofa. It is a key that you can use to open a door.

Trust me - we want to be very open with each other. I do not promise you that I will unlock your door for you, but I do promise you a good key. When you decide to use it, I guarantee that your life will be fundamentally changed.

Are you ready?

Price: 12 €

Price: 15 €

Price: 15 €


No lectures or seminars are currently planned



"The power that created the body also heals it."

BJ Palmer DC



No lectures or seminars are currently planned

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