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For pregnant women



During pregnancy, the body experiences hormonal and static changes. These, along with physical processes,  shift the body's center of gravity forwards and add an additional weight on the torso, hips and spine.

The Pianta Chiropractic Center can alleviate the following symptoms that arise. Women that undergo chiropractic care often experience a healthier pregnancy and a more comfortable delivery.

Before and after birth

During pregnancy and shortly afterwards, pelvic instability or tension and increased muscle tone in the lumbar spine and pelvic area may cause pain and impaired mobility.

The Pianta Chiropractic Center can help maintain natural joint and pelvic mobility during pregnancy and reduce these symptoms before and after birth.

«90% de la stimulation et de la nutrition du cerveau sont générés par les mouvements de la colonne vertébrale. »

Dr Roger Sperry


Neuropsychologue, Neurophysiologist.

Prix ​​Nobel 1981.

« 90% of brain stimulation and nutrition are generated by the movement of the spine. »

Dr. Roger Sperry


Neuropsychologist, neurophysiologist.

1981 Nobel Prize Winner.

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